Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Graphic 45 mini album

Front of the box
Little bottles hanging from the  box

Back of the box

A surprize inside the box
The mini album from inside the box
The curio rack from inside the box
Page 1 and 2

page 3 and 4

page 5 and 6

page 5 and 6 again

page 7 and 8

page 9 and 10

page 11 and 12

page 13 and 14

Well its been a long time since I have posted anything new, but with my daughter's wedding right around the corner I've been very busy. It's been nice to be able to sit down and create something. I made this for a good friend of mine...Hope she likes it. I got my inspiration from my British friend  Charlie....a big thanks to her.


  1. OMG!!! Awesome!!! You put a lot work into that!!!

  2. Yes alot of work, but well worth the time.

  3. i like the steampunk/shabby chic style. very nice and yes you did put alot of work into both projects. i hope your friend appreciates it.


  4. That is pure magic! I love all the details and how it all flows together! Perfect (as always!) in every way!

  5. Wow! This is fantastic!! It was well worth the late nights.

  6. Wonderful! Love all of the "layers" of your project! The colors and dimension are terrific!

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  8. Craftmom...not a kit, just half my brain

  9. OMG!!!!! HOW do you do these things??????!! I swear if I didn't love you so much, I'd hate you!!

  10. This creation that is Fab AND a wedding???
    No way...yes are woman!
    Great papers and you have one very loving shows in how you feel.

  11. Lucky Me!!! This project is now mine! :)

  12. I just stumbled upon this.. it's beautifully done. Gorgeous in fact.