Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For several months I have been talking to Barbara Stewart about doing a canvas, but have been putting it off for a long time only because I really didn't know where to start. Well I saw Barbara at Mania in ATL and she gave me some pointers and a whole lot of encouargement. So low and behold I jumped right in and finally did my first canvas. Its not perfect but its a start....so to Barbara a big thank you for having faith in me and all your encouragement.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another Altered Cigar Box that I made for a certian Someone

This box was inspired by the Graphic 45 paper collection A Bird Song, I love all the beautiful colors in this line. My husband smokes ALOT of cigars so that means ALOT of cigar boxes in ALOT of different shapes and sizes. I'm always thinking...what can I do with that one. I try and make something special for Paulette everytime I attend Mania. I know that its alot of hard work to put one of these events on. I think she deserves something special. And kudos to her whole family that pitches in.
                                                    This is the front of the box
                                                             This is opening the box
                                                        The album in the box
                                     This is the inside of the box after you take the album out. 
                                                                        Page one
                                                                Pages 2 and 3
                                                                      Pages 4 and 5
                                                          Page 6 and The End.